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  • Design Sprint

    Design Sprint is a development method which is mainly used for development or improvement of digital products. The Sprint process is developed by Google Ventures (GV) and has been used by multiple successful startups and companies. It has a 5 days...

  • Design Thinking

    problems. The problem statement(s) should always be statedin a human-centred fashion. Stage 3: Ideate by challenging creativity, innovation and ideation The reliable knowledge resulting from the first two phases is extremely useful to start “thinking...

  • Business Model Canvas

    One decidedly important factor in running a successful business is to determine what parameters should be utilized in your focus area and which one among them should become a priority. Besides being a favourite tool for start-ups and entrepreneurs, a...

  • Lean Startup

    Lean Startup aims to shorten product development cycles and rapidly discover if a proposed business model is viable by implementing a combination of experimentations, validated learning, and iterative product releases. Lean Startup aims to shorten...

  • Growth Hacking

    Every year, Growth Hacking method is helping many startups to show a rapid growth rate in a short period. After launching, they quickly stand out within their sector or even demonstrate a high-ranking position in a global scale. Every year, Growth...

  • Lightning Decision Jam

    Lightning Decision Jam (LDJ) är en metod för att lösa problem eller konflikter utan att möta oändliga diskussioner och argument i gruppen. Det tar nästan en timme för ett team att komma med produktiva lösningar och definiera åtgärder i form av...

  • Value Proposition

    On their journey towards success, many entrepreneurs can easily lose the track if they can’t truly include a persuasive value proposition in their product or service. But what actually means when we are talking about value proposition? On their journey...

  • Collaboration in Project

    and operation. Linnaeus University (LNU) – a creative and international knowledge environment promoting curiosity, creativity, companionship and utility. Krushna Mahapatra is a professor representing LNU in Innovation Group who says: The presented idea...


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