Om business är obligatorisk, och model är obligatorisk, blir sökträffarna.

  • Business Model Canvas

    and which one among them should become a priority. Besides being a favourite tool for start-ups and entrepreneurs, a Business Model Canvas also helps organizations in finding the critical zones and rapidly improve them in a sustainable development...

  • Funding without Venture Capital

    who successfully adopted and implemented this model. Depending on the nature of their business, marketing strategy and business model, companies using Pay-in-Advance may ask the customers to pay for the whole or part of the price before receiving any...

  • Lean Startup

    Lean Startup aims to shorten product development cycles and rapidly discover if a proposed business model is viable by implementing a combination of experimentations, validated learning, and iterative product releases. Lean Startup aims to shorten...

  • Growth Hacking

    it. Just like the way that agile development and Lean Startup methods have revolutionized the product development and business model of processes, Growth Hacking is a gamechanger in customer acquisition, retention and revenue growth. Any company which...

  • Design Thinking

    Design thinking is a human-centered approach for creative and innovative problem solving. It enables organizations to put their focus on people who are going to use the outcome of the development so it will lead to better products, services, and...


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Vår vision är att accelerera lokala och globala utvecklingsprocessen och öka tillväxttakten för små och medelstora företag genom att erbjuda de innovativa FoU för deras produkter, tjänster eller organisation, och genomföra det genom deras organisation.

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