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As an outcome of the most recent studies in Sweden, our process makes development of products, services or organizations more innovative and time efficient. Meanwhile, regarding the involvement of different disciplines within the whole process at the same time delivers more feasible solutions which can easily be implemented in targeting market and achieve great results.

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Creative Team
Our team members are specially educated to work with this process of delivering innovative solutions. At the same time, they have noticable background experience within multiple fields, disciplines and industries. Collaboration of this wide variety of knowledge and experience, in addition to clear understanding of existing situation results in high level of creativity through the process itself and deliverables.

Some statistics!

According to Swedish Statistics Organization, there is a noticable lack of innovativeness in SMEs' activities. However, there is an increasing trend but it does not look enough comparing to the same segment in other countries. On the other hand, this trend makes it harder for organizations to compete within the growing number of existing innovative solutions and activities on local and global scale.
2012-2014 No innovation activity93%
2012-2014 Innovation required by contract6%

Global Innovation Index (GII) 2016 INDICATORS

Innovation Output Score
Sweden is ranked as world's number 2 in innovation output sub-index between more than 200 countries.
Research and Development (R&D) Score
Sweden is ranked as world's number 4 in research and development between more than 200 countries.
Global Innovation Index Score
Sweden is ranked as world's number 2 in GII 2016 while standing on top 3 of the table for more than four years.

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Our Vision

Our vision is accelerating local and global development process and increasing growth rate of SMEs by providing innovative R&D activities for their products, services or organization, and implementing that through their organization.

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