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We are so happy to see the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden (Energikontor Sydost) joining the Innovation Group of EnviroHouse. The Energy Agency is working to initiate, coordinate and implement projects aimed at improving the energy efficiency and increased supply of renewable energy in all sectors of society. 

The agency works strategically and systematically to link the projects at the local and regional level with the projects of the European and international market.

The agency was established in 1999 as an EU project under the Association of Local and Regional Authorities in Kronoberg. The reason was the increased global and European focus on climate change, reinforcing the need for qualified and impartial players in the energy and transport field.

Since 2007 activities have been operated under the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden Ltd. The company is jointly owned by an association where 3 regional assemblies and 25 municipalities in Blekinge, Kalmar and Kronoberg are members. The Energy Agency's approximately 25 employees work in all three counties with offices in Oskarshamn, Kalmar, Karlskrona and the headquarters in Växjö. 



Read more about Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden and their projects on their website www.energikontorsydost.se and join our newsletter to receive the updates on EnviroHouse project.

Our Vision

Our vision is accelerating local and global development process and increasing growth rate of SMEs by providing innovative R&D activities for their products, services or organization, and implementing that through their organization.

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