PowerCell & Linné Innovation

PowerCell & Linné Innovation

We are so happy to see the PowerCell joining the Innovation Group of EnviroHouse project. In 1993, AB Volvo started researching fuel cell technology, a research which led to the founding of PowerCell in 2008. Since then, PowerCell has launched a number of groundbreaking products that enable customers to reduce their carbon footprint. 

PowerCell is one of the leading companies in research and technologies related to fuel cell stacks. it is mentioned on their website,

Our mission is to offer environmentally friendly power systems developed with unique fuel cell and reformer technology. Our vision is to be the world´s leading innovative fuel cell company.

A fuel cell converts chemical energy directly into electrical energy. Fuel cells have a broader field of application than any other available source of energy and can be manufactured for small units that produce only a few watts, right up to major power stations generating megawatts.

A fuel cell generates electrical energy via an electrochemical reaction. The process is similar to a battery, with the difference that a battery consumes its electrodes when they produce electricity and must therefore be discarded or recharged. Fuel cells, on the other hand, produce electrical energy as long as fuel is added in the form of hydrogen and oxygen. 


Read more about PowerCell and their products on their website www.powercell.se and join our newsletter to receive the updates on EnviroHouse project.

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