Solarus & Linné Innovation started collaboration in Envirohouse project

Solarus & Linné Innovation started collaboration in Envirohouse project

Solarus aims to accelerate the energy transition. Together with their business partners all over the world, they want to make huge impact on society and environment and their PowerCollector™ is the key feature to achieve their goal: 

We develop, produce and sell hybrid solar PowerCollectors™ and integrated project solutions. Hybrid means that the PowerCollector™ combines generation of thermal (T) energy with the photovoltaic (PV) generation of electricity.

Says Solarus as their business and goal explanation.

Since we are using multiple renewable energy sources in our Envirohouse project including solar power and solar thermal, the Solarus PowerCollectors can play a major role in order to harvest sun power. The high efficiency and co creation of heat and electricity makes PowerCollectors a great choice in industries like agricultural. 


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