EnviroHouse Innovation Group

EnviroHouse Innovation Group

It is with great pleasure to announce that our application for building a project team for EnviroHouse concept has been accepted by the Swedish Board of Agriculture (Jordbruksverket). 


The project is funded 39.50% by EU and the remaining by public Swedish funds (EIP-Agri). At the very first stage, we are  identifying and communicating with required disciplines and preferred collaborators from which we are supposed to form a team (called innovation group) to investigate the conceptual design from Innovation, Environment and Consumer perspectives to meet the requirements.


The final long-term goal is to construct a pilot plan, operate it and monitor different parameters to compare with initially planned factors. Only after this stage it is possible to have a clear estimation about the needs and outcomes of a commercial or large scale EnviroHouse infrastructure. 


In order to achieve the final goal, the same innovation group will be responsible for taking the project further and run it towards finalizing design, planning, technical and financial feasibility studies, procurement, construction, commissioning, operation, monitoring and so on.

As it is mentioned above, right now our focus is in forming the innovation group. If you are or your company / organization is active within any of the following subjects, we are eagerly expecting your contact for further discussions (only in Sweden):

  • Farming, Agriculture, Greenhouse, Aquaponic and so on.
  • Energy Efficiency and Improvements.
  • Renewable Energy Engineering, Estimation and Design.
  • Manufacturer of Renewable Energy systems, equipments and accessories.
  • Modern irrigation systems for agricultural applications.
  • Greenhouse solutions (infrastructure) manufacturer or reseller.
  • Air quality control and adjustment equipments.
  • Hydrogen production equipments.
  • Hydrogen storage equipments.
  • Fuel Cells (especially PEM).
  • Geothermal for HVAC systems including boring, heat pumps and equipments.
  • Heat exchangers and energy transfer equipments.
  • LED lighting for greenhouse applications.
  • Agricultural products seller (large quantities).


  • Experts in fields of Electrical Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Materials Engineering, Structural Design, Energy Systems, Energy Calculations, Renewable Energies, Greenhouse Growing, Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Industrial Management, Project Management, Website Maintenance.


Please note that the deadline is 2019/07/15 and we are in active and continuous contact with interested parties so send your interest, question, information or ... as soon as you can!





Our Vision

Our vision is accelerating local and global development process and increasing growth rate of SMEs by providing innovative R&D activities for their products, services or organization, and implementing that through their organization.

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