Cashier-less Store

Cashier-less Store

Cashier-less stores are the new and trending concepts based on operating the business with no staff presented at storefront. They are mostly based on the interaction between a smartphone app to identify the visitors, check-out system connected to the same app and an AI or IoT system base inside the store to keep the track of goods and products.

There are several Chinese developers who are currently working on this concept and have functioning test environments. Also one of the biggest interested companies in this sector is Amazon which has introduced its Cashier-less stores as Amazon GO. These stores are equipped with a connected system made up of camera and tracking technologies which monitors every customer to see if they are picking something from the shelves or putting it back.


Due to the huge amount of data process required for running such systems, currently there is a limit for the maximum number of customers presented inside the store at the same time.

What makes our design unique?

In our designed and developed case "SweStore", there is no need for such a luxury, expensive and advanced processing system. We are using no Facial Recognition or user tracking hardware / softwares which fully respects and covers the end user privacy regulations (there can be the usual security CCTV system).

Just like the other concepts, there is simply a mobile app which you need to install and sign-on in order to enter the shop. Afterwards you just pick what you want from the shelves and exit the shop.

To checkout, you will receive an invoice on your app before exiting the store and you will have the chance of returning any goods in case you decide. After reviewing the prices on the invoice and approving that, you can open the exit gate by your phone and decide how to pay the invoice.

Possible payment options could be direct payment through bank cards, Swish, Klarna or any other common online payment system.

Advantages for Customers:

  • Save time by not standing in the checkout queue.
  • Track the total price of your shop before going to checkout Take Better Advantage of Specials.
  • Discover smart suggestions through the mobile application when buying related products.
  • Easy customer service by simply replying the emailed invoices.
  • Never worry about receipts. There is no paper and your purchase history is available online.
  • Leave your wallet at home. The only thing you need is your smartphone.
  • Develop the platform in the way that you would like it to be by giving feedback on the app.
  • Shop without interacting if you are not in the mood or don't know the language.
  • Save money by getting informed about the latest discounts and offers.
  • Know what you are buying by accessing nutritional, allergen, operational, after sales and many other information about the products.
  • Less personnel handling. Just from shelf to your basket and it's done.
  • Pick your own language on the app to have a easier shopping experience.
  • 24/7 access round the year. This shop is always waiting for you.

Advantages for Store Owners:

  • Save staff time. Redirect cashier and the other personnel's time into something more worthy like customer relationship.
  • Reduce operational costs with less need of hiring labour workers.
  • Save space by dedicating the checkout space to more product shelves.
  • Increase baskets by shortening the shopping time which means capability of more daily checkouts.
  • Recommend higher margin products to the customer through the app.
  • Sell in new ways like a small portable sandwich store.
  • Improve marketing and redemption rates by analysing the shoppers' behaviour and statistics.
  • Connect with your customer by asking opinions and collecting feedback.
  • Measure the customer experience by their rating, ranking and comments.
  • Provide unique customer service by being more innovative.
  • Keep complaints off of social media which can harm your reputation by collecting them on the app.
  • Identify and stop shoplifters by combination of smart software and security system.
  • Higher margin due to many competitive advantages.
  • Differentiate from the competition by introducing an exciting and disruptive system to the market.
  • Compete with online stores by offering online local store where the customer can touch and feel the product before engaging in an online purchase.
  • Attract time conscious consumers by offering the quickest shopping experience ever.
  • Take your store to the future today!


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Our Vision

Our vision is accelerating local and global development process and increasing growth rate of SMEs by providing innovative R&D activities for their products, services or organization, and implementing that through their organization.

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