Plastic Tie Re-Designed

Plastic Tie Re-Designed

Plastic Ties are very well known, handy and useful these days. They are a fast and convenient solution to sort out cables and bind different things together almost in any industry.

In an existing standard tie, like the one illustrated in the photo, there is a lot of plastic waste since we usually cut out the extra piece of its tale after fastening the tie enough. In average more than 60% of the whole material is being cut and wasted.


Regarding the number and quantity of the plastic ties which is being use everyday in different sectors, this can result in tons of plastic waste. Even if we can collect the whole extra parts and re-use them for recycling purposes, collecting, transporting, recycling and re-processing the material will include noticeable environmental impacts.

The best solution in this case, is to prevent it from happening at the first place rather than recycling the waste. That is why we have designed a new type of plastic tie with almost zero plastic waste. The new design includes a drum of continuous plastic tie which you can cut after fastening and keep the rest untouched and useful for the next operation. At the same time, the locking head part is also designed in a way which could be used again and again and you don't need to dispose it in case that you want to untie something.

The design is successfully finalised, the functioning prototypes are 3D printed and available for demonstration and in case that you are interested to know more or participate in mass production, please contact us to connect you to the product owner.

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