Next Generation of Sensors

Next Generation of Sensors

In various industries and applications it is important to monitor certain physical parameters. In fact, in many of the everyday appliances and electronic devices, or in the production lines in factories, etc, sensors are used to monitor e.g. functions of devices, or the operation of production lines, or environmental parameters such as pressure, level of liquids and etc..

In the industry of exploration and production of raw materials, sensors are much relied upon to monitor the operation, not only for increased safety for personnel, but also for monitoring the production itself. For example, in the mining industry there is a risk of leakage of hazardous gases in the mine, which may cause e.g. suffocation or explosions, a situation which of course is desirable to avoid.

In petroleum industry, a lot of money is invested in both exploration and in production of oil and natural gases. In order to ensure an efficient workflow and a safe working environment, a vast number of sensors are typically used e.g. on an oil rig. For example, the flow of oil, water, or other liquids is typically monitored, as well as the flow of gases. Another example is that liquid levels may be desirable to monitor, for example liquid levels related to the oil to be produced, or that has been produced or liquid levels such as hydraulic oils, or fuel used for providing power for machinery used in the production facilities.

Simple Drawing

(Sample technical drawing for one of the sensors)

Most sensors, in general or used in the petroleum industry, include electronic components in the vicinity of the sensing area of the sensor. For example, in order to measure weight or deflection a piezoelectric element is often included, or in order to measure an angular movement a resistive element is commonly used in the measurement setup.

In some applications, in particular in the gas and oil industry, it is a hazard to utilize electronic components, in which electric current is passed, near for example oil or natural gases which are flammable and potentially explosive. It would not be suitable to drive electric current through a piezoelectric element which is in contact with an explosive or flammable liquid. Such a configuration may lead to catastrophic consequences which may cause in particular personnel injury but also exceedingly high financial losses due to production standstill and facility damage.

In view of the above, it is a general object of this new design to provide an improved sensor that solves or at least partly alleviates the above discussed drawbacks. We have successfully Re-Invented the traditional sensors. This new generation of sensors are even more precise and are functioning with absolutely no electrical current in or around them.

These sensors are designed to measure 18 different parameter or function within the control process and are available for mass production as Flow Meter, Level Meter, Pressuremeter, Potentiometer and more. All the products and their design are Patent Protected by the project owner. In order to get more information, please contact the company.

Our Vision

Our vision is accelerating local and global development process and increasing growth rate of SMEs by providing innovative R&D activities for their products, services or organization, and implementing that through their organization.

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