Analog Angel Meter

Analog Angel Meter

In many different industrial processes and installation operations, multiple measuring devices are used. One of the oldest and most traditional measuring instruments is a Level which perhaps you have seen the most familiar one with a water bobble inside it. The most simple type of levels can help you to check a surface to be horizontal, vertical or even in 45 degrees angle. 

During the development process of different tools, levels have also transformed. Nowadays they exist with some digital equipments attached or even maybe you have a mobile application which uses your smartphone's sensors to determine the slope angle of a surface.




All this said, there are some environments that due to some reasons we can't use digital technology in order to measure the surface angle. For example, high voltage or magnetic fields. Also, digital devices obviously need some kind of power source like a battery which could be wasted due to long storage time or simply not be available in the location or the moment of measurement. 

The re-designed angel meter, includes no batteries, no any other type of energy source, no magnets and functions fully analog. However, it can read the whole 360 degrees rotation and comes with an extension ruler to increase the preciseness of the measurement. It could be stored for as long as it is required and can start functioning the moment that comes out of your toolbox. In addition, the final price for mass production comparing to the existing competitors is more than 50 times less! 

For those of you who want to have some fun as well, we should say it is also possible to make your own angle meter if you have access to a 3D printer.


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10 May 2018


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