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  • Lean Startup

    Lean Startup aims to shorten product development cycles and rapidly discover if a proposed business model is viable by implementing a combination of experimentations, validated learning, and iterative product releases. Lean Startup aims to shorten...

  • Product Positioning

    If you come up with an awesome product (or service) but nobody actually understands it, you believe it is so simple but your audience can’t figure it out, people start comparing your product with others which are nothing alike at all, you may have a...

  • Value Proposition

    success, many entrepreneurs can easily lose the track if they can’t truly include a persuasive value proposition in their product or service. But what actually means when we are talking about value proposition? On their journey towards success, many...

  • Funding without Venture Capital

    most straightforward and easy to apply amongst all customer funded models. It isapplicable in consulting, service provider, production, repair & maintenance, and any other type of business that customers would pay in advance. Dell, Costco and Amazon...

  • Design Sprint

    Design Sprint is a development method which is mainly used for development or improvement of digital products. The Sprint process is developed by Google Ventures (GV) and has been used by multiple successful startups and companies. It has a 5 days...

  • Growth Hacking

    unique solution which can help them the best. However, it mainly includes persuading thedevelopment team to make the products with built-in marketing features rather than just relying on a pricey launch, traditional marketing channels, or spending on...

  • Business Model Canvas

    for start-ups or operating businesses. It can help you with gathering insights about customers’ needs, value proposition, product/market fit, distribution channels, costs and expenses, income channels, key partners and more. Founders go wrong when they...

  • Cashier-less Store

    check-out system connected to the same app and an AI or IoT system base inside the store to keep the track of goods and products. There are several Chinese developers who are currently working on this concept and have functioning test environments. Also...

  • Design Thinking

    organizations to put their focus on people who are going to use the outcome of the development so it will lead to better products, services, and internal processes. Design thinking is a human-centered approach for creative and innovative problem...

  • Plastic Tie Re-Designed

    are 3D printed and available for demonstration and in case that you are interested to know more or participate in mass production, please contact us to connect you to the product owner.

  • Lightning Decision Jam

    without facing any endless discussion and arguments in the group. It takes almost one hour for a team to come up with productive solutions and define actions in form of tasks and projects. When you are doing a product or service development, designing a...

  • NABC Analysis for EnviroHouse

    aquifers, disappearance of rivers and lakes as well as loss of biodiversity and sand/salt storms in nearby lands. 3. GHG production including CO2, methane and nitrous oxides. About 24% of total GHG emissions are generated directly by agriculture...


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