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  • NABC Analysis for EnviroHouse

    development method which is based on defining the project via Systems Engineering and identifying its elements, environment, boundaries, sub-systems and so on. Then the Design Thinking method for developing the system was applied and the whole process...

  • Collaboration in Project

    study, prototyping, commissioning and operation. Linnaeus University (LNU) – a creative and international knowledge environment promoting curiosity, creativity, companionship and utility. Krushna Mahapatra is a professor representing LNU in Innovation...

  • EnviroHouse Innovation Group

    from which we are supposed to form a team (called innovation group) to investigate the conceptual design from Innovation, Environment and Consumer perspectives to meet the requirements. The final long-term goal is to construct a pilot plan, operate it...

  • Solarus & Linné Innovation started collaboration in Envirohouse project

    energy transition. Together with their business partners all over the world, they want to make huge impact on society and environment and their PowerCollector™ is the key feature to achieve their goal: We develop, produce and sell hybrid solar...

  • Plastic Tie Re-Designed

    them for recycling purposes, collecting, transporting, recycling and re-processing the material will include noticeable environmental impacts. The best solution in this case, is to prevent it from happening at the first place rather than recycling the...

  • PowerCell & Linné Innovation

    in research and technologies related to fuel cell stacks. it is mentioned on their website, Our mission is to offer environmentally friendly power systems developed with unique fuel cell and reformer technology. Our vision is to be the world´s leading...

  • Funding without Venture Capital

    for selling second-hand stuff, tickets, phone cards and so on. These businesses earn money by providing a suitable environment for supply and demand resources to find each other and do a business transaction so the platform owner can earn by cutting a...

  • Next Generation of Sensors

    lines in factories, etc, sensors are used to monitor e.g. functions of devices, or the operation of production lines, or environmental parameters such as pressure, level of liquids and etc.. In the industry of exploration and production of raw...

  • Design Thinking

    stages. You need to produce a number of low-cost, small scale versions of the solutions so you can put them into test environment which will help to investigate the functionality, credibility and viability of ideas in the next stage. Stage 5: Test by...

  • Lean Startup

    different from the traditional business model. Lean Startups hire people who can learn, adapt, and work quickly in a new environment, unlike the traditional businesses which hire their staff based on their existing experience and ability. A Lean Startup...

  • Digital Workshops

    join. One advantage of digital workshops is their accessibility. Sometimes just a smartphone is the only thing you need. Environmentally Friendly Due to various reasons mentioned above, digital and remote workshops have a smaller environmental...


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