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  • Collaboration in Project

    Linné Innovation has successfully managed a collaboration with six other organizations and companies to start working on EnviroHouse project. This team - which is called Innovation Group - will run the project within the EIP (European Innovation...

  • NABC Analysis for EnviroHouse

    "EnviroHouse" is a conceptual design project made by "Linné Innovation AB" in order to improve the existing agriculture industry and resolve most of its existing problems. We have utilized the Flower of Innovation development method which is based on...

  • Solarus & Linné Innovation started collaboration in Envirohouse project

    Says Solarus as their business and goal explanation. Since we are using multiple renewable energy sources in our Envirohouse project including solar power and solar thermal, the Solarus PowerCollectors can play a major role in order to harvest sun...

  • EnviroHouse - Further Development

    projects were not an exception. While trying to adapt, we were also taking the necessary measures to continue working on EnviroHouse as well. There will be upcoming good news soon but meanwhile we would like to have a throwback to some great contents...

  • EnviroHouse Innovation Group

    It is with great pleasure to announce that our application for building a project team for EnviroHouse concept has been accepted by the Swedish Board of Agriculture (Jordbruksverket). The project is funded 39.50% by EU and the remaining by public...

  • PowerCell & Linné Innovation

    We are so happy to see the PowerCell joining the Innovation Group of EnviroHouse project. In 1993, AB Volvo started researching fuel cell technology, a research which led to the founding of PowerCell in 2008. Since then, PowerCell has launched a number...

  • EnviroHouse


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